We started our House Boat build in September 2007....with many trials and tribulations even before the boat builders went bust! It took 6 years to build her and we finally sold her in August 2014 to move onto a new chapter. 

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Welcome to our website! It was created to keep our friends and family up to date on our Wide Beam Liveaboard Canal Boat build. If you're thinking of your own build we hope to show you our ups and  downs and at least some useful information (of what not to do!).

In September 2007 we signed our initial contract with Simpsons Boats Ltd of Brimscombe, and in August 2008 the company went belly up and we lost £20,000 and were left with a steel shell. We knew nothing about boat building, we had never even cruised a boat before! It took us 6 years to build her and we finally sold her for the asking price in August 2014.



Our aim is to share the information we discovered along the way, great things, good things, okay things, bad things, and some terrible things!!!

You can read our Blog (if you have a few days), look at our huge Photo Gallery and loads more!